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Beer Festivals & Events

Beer Festivals ...

As well as arranging and promoting our own events we’re expanding and offering our expertise and experience to you…

Contact us and we’ll arrange to meet with you to discuss your exact requirements…we’ll take it from there!

We’ve hosted a great many beer festivals and now we’re offering our expertise and experience to assist you in planning and hosting your event. We can arrange and supply anything from a one barrel event for a small function (70 pints) up to a 40 barrel event (2800 pints) for events upwards of 100 guests.

We’ll also arrange all the ancillary equipment, the bar, staffing, and live music or entertainment suitable for your specific event.

We’re perfect for anything from small private parties up to and including corporate functions. Contact Simon for more information     

Other Events ...

In addition to Beer Festivals we’ll also arrange and supply other events including Craft Fairs, Food Fairs and Live Music Events to suit your requirements.

We’re experienced in working with great bands and musicians locally and from all over the world.  

Middle Earth Festival

Live Music

Marquee Events

Licensed Bars  

How it works...